Homestay Accommodation

  • HOMESTAY is where a student lives in the home of a British family.

    'I love my host Mom and I will miss her so much.' 'The food is delicious and they are friendly' 'They talked with me so much, I could learn at their house too!'

  • Homestay offers students the opportunity to practise their English and gives insight into the British way of life.
  • The term 'Homestay Family' can encompass different family structures. Some of our Homestay providers are couples, some may have children living in the home, and some are single ladies. London is a diverse multi-cultural society, which means that our Homestay providers may or may not be of British origin. All our Homestays speak English to the level of a native speaker. All are friendly, welcoming and have a comfortable home.
  • Milner's Homestays are located in and around Wimbledon, often within walking distance or a short bus journey to school. Students should buy an Oystercard for cheaper fares on buses and trains. Oystercard single bus fare £1.50 and £1.50 - £3.30 on the underground. You can also use a contactless payment card instead of an Oyster Card. For more information see
  • Please read Homestay Rules to help you understand about the British way of life and the experience of homestay.

HOMESTAY CHARGES (Check-in Sunday, Check-out Saturday)

  • HOMESTAY (single) – half-board: includes bed, breakfast & dinner: £185/week.
  • HOMESTAY (shared*) – half-board: includes bed, breakfast & dinner: £160/week.
  • BED & BREAKFAST HOMESTAY (single) – includes bed & breakfast: £140/week.
  • BED & BREAKFAST HOMESTAY (shared*) – includes bed & breakfast: £130/week.

*Shared rooms must be with a friend or spouse only.

  Private bathroom for the above options costs an extra £50/week.

  • Non-refundable Accommodation Placement Fee £60 (£75 in July and August).
  • NO Smoking inside the house.
  • Accommodation for courses of 15 hours/week or more.
  • The number of weeks' Homestay must be the same as your course.
  • Students receive Homestay details (once payment has been received) 7 days or more before leaving home.
  • If a problem arises with your Homestay, please speak to reception. We can arrange new accommodation.
  • If a student wishes to leave his/her Homestay, 2 weeks' notice must be given.
  • Please read Homestay Rules for students.