Information for Homestay Providers

Milner School is always looking for friendly host families to provide short term accommodation for foreign students studying English. If you have a spare room and a genuine interest in hosting students, please carefully read the information below.

Hosting a student means treating him/her as a full, adult member of the household. This includes eating meals together, interacting and sharing common living areas. Students find that homestay, alongside their English course, extends the opportunity for practising their English, as well as learning about the British way of life. For this reason, it is important for a homestay provider to help their student feel at home, and speak with him/her at every opportunity. They should be at the house to welcome their student on arrival and in general to help him/her settle into the home, the school and London. Students should be advised to come to Milner School at 8.45am on their first day (8.30am in July & August), for testing purposes.

A student can select either bed & breakfast (room and breakfast 7 days a week), or half-board (room, breakfast and dinner 7 days a week). For the latter, the evening meal should always be a substantial dinner of at least two courses, and we advise our homestay hosts to ask their student if they have any particular dietary requirements.

For both bed & breakfast, and half-board, the student will need a bedroom with natural light, table or desk for private study, and a wardrobe or adequate hanging & drawer space for clothes. There must be good heating and lighting in the rest of the house. We ask that bed linens are changed once a week and that you provide your student with a generous supply of blankets and towels. As a member of the household, your student must have access to the bathroom facilities, with daily access to the bath or shower. Your student will need to use your laundry facilities, or have you explain alternative directions.

7 days notice is required (Monday to Sunday) if the host family wishes to end their student's stay early.

Throughout the year Milner often takes students who come as part of a school group with a leader. These students are aged 14 to 18. Please note group students come for 7 nights per week, Saturday to Saturday or Sunday to Sunday. Some groups book full board and you would need to provide a packed lunch at the weekends. Packed lunches are paid as an extra item. Individual students usually check-in on Sundays and depart on Saturdays. Payment is standard for both.

You receive the following amount for providing Homestay:


  • HOMESTAY (SINGLE) - half-board: includes bed, breakfast & dinner: £175/week.
  • HOMESTAY (SHARED*) - half-board: includes bed, breakfast & dinner: £150/week.
  • BED & BREAKFAST HOMESTAY (SINGLE) - includes bed & breakfast: £130/week.
  • BED & BREAKFAST HOMESTAY (SHARED*) - includes bed & breakfast: £120/week.

*Shared rooms may be with a friend or spouse only. Occasionally, students request a private bathroom. If you are able to offer a private bathroom with any of the above options, this pays an extra £40 per week.

If you would like to apply to host a student, please complete the Host Family Application Form.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to email us at .