English + Volunteering Programme

An opportunity to improve your English in the classroom and practise in the real world!

The programme includes the following:

  • English course in the mornings, Monday to Friday, 15/22 hours/week (9.30am – 12.45pm or 9.30am - 3.15pm).
  • Volunteering for a local charity:
    Sales floor: customer service, stock control, merchandising, display.
    Back room: steaming, housekeeping, pricing.
    External events: fundraising, leafleting, talking to the public.
    Minimum 4 hours/week afternoons or at weekends.

Other Benefits:

Minimum Requirements:

  • Level: Intermediate / B1
  • Four week English course, 22 or 15 hours/week
  • Volunteering takes place during your English course
  • 18 years old +
  • Eligible to work in the UK
  • You need to be hard-working, enthusiastic and charitable.

For further information please contact info@milnerschool.co.uk