Milner School of English Wimbledon Online

Milner School of English online learning can be as good or even better than in-person classroom learning.

Perhaps you don’t have a lot of experience studying online, if at all, so you may be concerned about taking classes online.

If you have taken face-to-face classes all your life, being a little fearful at the beginning is normal, even if you are used to technology. However, taking an online course, as opposed to a face-to-face class, definitely has its advantages.

  1. FREE TRIAL LESSON. Why not try a lesson for free? Book now Free Trial Lesson
  2. Professional teaching - perhaps most important of all. Milner teachers are qualified and have years of experience teaching English as a foreign language.
  3. Smaller classes. The average class size is 4 students with a maximum of eight.
  4. The lessons are LIVE, not recorded. Better for student motivation and interaction with your class.
  5. International classes. Our students are from all over the world.
  6. Support. It’s easy to worry that you may not receive the same support as you do in in-person classes, but don’t worry, you still benefit from teacher support from our dedicated team.
  7. You can study in the comfort of your own home where you can create your own environment – in your own room or wherever you are the most comfortable.
  8. Great value for money. Our online course fees are competitively priced and excellent value. online course fees.pdf
  9. You save time. Taking an online course also means that you don’t have to travel to class, which means less time spent on the bus or train and more study time!

Online courses


How many hours per week? What will I study?

At Milner School there are various options depending on how many hours per week you want to study.

Our 15 hours per week course is in the mornings from Monday to Friday. The timetable for these classes is 9:30-12:45. The lessons focus on all the 4 skill areas: speaking, listening, reading and writing. Plus, you will study grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.

This is our most popular course but if you are unable to attend 5 mornings, you have the option of choosing less hours – 12 or 9 hours per week, which is 4 mornings or 3 mornings. These courses are part of our 15 hours per week course.

We also have a part-time Speaking and Communication course in the afternoons. This is 5 hours per week from 13:30-14:45, Monday to Thursday. These lessons are topic-based with lots of speaking tasks which will help you communicate in various social situations, improve your fluency and expand your vocabulary.

For an intensive course, you can combine mornings (15 hours) and afternoons (5 hours) and study 20 hours per week.

The above options are General English classes but if you want something more specific, perhaps one-to-one lessons would benefit you. These can be for IELTS Preparation, business English, CVs, writing skills and so on. Online one-to-one lessons.pdf

Let’s get you started

Once you have chosen your course, online course fees.pdf please enrol through our website. The link is

You will then be sent a Booking Confirmation and Invoice. Payment options are by bank transfer or online via Flywire.

There will be 2 tests before you start: the self-test on our website and a quick speaking test on Zoom. We will then tell you which class you are in. The levels we have are A2/Elementary – C1/Advanced.


What to expect in my class

The morning classes follow a course book which you are expected to buy before you start. The afternoon classes don’t follow a course book, instead the teacher will use some authentic materials and PDFs.

Regular homework and assessment tests will be given throughout your course.

Before your first lesson, your teacher will send you a link to join on Zoom.

To help you be prepared for your class, we have some tips so you are ready for your class.

  • Wherever possible use a PC, laptop or tablet for lessons.
  • Switch off your mobile phone or put in another room, unless of course you are using it for your lesson!
  • Be ready to start on time at the beginning of the lessons and after the breaks. Punctuality is still important.
  • Ensure no one else is in the room you are studying in.
  • Email your teacher and if you are going to be absent.