Paying For Your Course at Milner School of English Wimbledon

You must always pay in advance. Payments should be made in Pounds Sterling only.

If you have booked an English course only, please pay at least a week before the start of your course. If you have also booked homestay accommodation, please pay at least 2 weeks or more before you come. This will give us enough time to place you in a Milner School host family and send you the homestay details. If you have booked residence, please pay 4 weeks before you come to guarantee your room.

We advise all visa students to pay total fees in advance in order to get their enrolment letter stating that their fees have been paid in full. Otherwise students must pay a deposit: the registration fee plus one week tuition fees plus, if accommodation has been booked, the accommodation placement fee and one week accommodation fees. Your enrolment documents will be sent to you after your payment has been received.

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions about payments and/or refunds.

How to pay for your course:

You can pay online (below) via Flywire.  Making an international payment is secure, fast, simple and cost effective when using Flywire, and your payment can be tracked and confirmed.

Alternatively, you can pay from your UK bank account or  by international bank transfer (include all bank charges).