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Group Tours

214166_61_Milner_Students_Platform.jpgWe have over 10 years experience in organizing group study tours. We will design a tailor-made programme to suit your students' needs.

Typically, a group will study for either 22 or 15 hours per week, and combine this with social events and excursions. Please see our Social Programme page for examples of what can be arranged. Depending on your budget and interests, we will arrange an appropriate schedule of study and activities.

Groups can either be integrated into our international classes, or receive tuition as a closed group.

Lessons are 60 minutes long, not 45 minutes as is often the case with other schools.

101147_76_St_Pauls_Cathedral.jpgAverage class size: 10 students (maximum 12 - 16).

Minimum age: 16 years. (For individual enrolments, Milner School of English adheres to the published minimum age of 16 years old.  For group bookings, Milner School reserves the right to accept students who may be 15 years of age.  Under these circumstances an adult Group Leader accompanies the group)

Most groups choose homestay accommodation: where we place students in a local British home close to Milner School, (shared or single depending on your preference). For detailed information about homestay, click here.

Group bookings are quoted per student, as an all-inclusive package, which would usually include the following: tuition (22 or 15 hours), accommodation (homestay), transfer to and from the airport, loan of course textbook, social activities/excursions, free accommodation for one group leader, graduation ceremony and end-of-course certificate. All these options are flexible depending on your needs. For an example, please see our Sample Group Tour Programme.

147103_62_Circular_Cruise_Westminster.jpgIf you would like further information or a quote, please email Julia at .