Are you an AU PAIR?

Are you an AU PAIR?

17 January, 2018


At Milner School of English, we have English courses to suit Au Pairs' work schedules:

1. Morning classes 9.30-12.45. 15 hours/week (5 mornings) or 12 hours/week (4 mornings) or 9 hours/week (3 mornings)

2. Afternoon classes, 13.30-14.45, 5 hours/week (4 afternoons) 

You can start on any Monday and study for as little as one week. You can study General English, Cambridge Preparation or Academic English / IELTS.

As a Milner student, you'll also benefit from use of our Learning Resource Centre, Wi-Fi and additional free weekly Pronunciation Classes. Free membership to The Wimbledon Leisure Centre is also included!

You will be expected to provide a letter from your host family confirming you are an au pair. 

For more information please email