Student Life at Milner School of English

Your time as a student at Milner is sure to be life-changing and we want you to get the most out of the time you spend with us.

When you start you will be invited to the Welcome Meeting for new students which will give you important information about your life at Milner School as well as in Wimbledon and London. You can also see more information here in The Milner School Student Handbook:  Student Handbook 2020.pdf

‘The best thing is you can meet different people’ ‘I enjoyed the interaction with people from all over the world’ ‘I will never forget the friendships I’ve made’ ‘ I’ve learned a lot’

And remember: Only English!

Try to use English at all times during your stay, in the classroom, in the coffee area, outside, in your accommodation, everywhere!


Use every opportunity to try out your English. Do not be afraid of making mistakes.

Join the Social Programme 

Milner School has a monthly social programme with a variety of activities and excursions for students. Our social programme organiser accompanies students on trips. Joining the social programme is a great way to meet students from other classes, speak in English, and learn about history, culture and traditions.

Come along to the Free Pronunciation Class  

The class is free for Milner students. There is no need to sign up, just come along. It will help you not only to understand English but to be understood.