Free Gym Membership for Students of Milner School of English


All Milner School students receive FREE MEMBERSHIP to the WIMBLEDON LEISURE CENTRE, 'BETTER'. It is open 7 days a week and is located only a 3 minute walk from the school. Milner School Better membership includes use of the gym and swimming pool. The Better gym has an extensive free weight area and is well-equipped with modern cardio equipment (120 station gym). The large fitness pool is 30 metres long with 5 lanes. There are designated changing rooms for males and females.

The Centre opening times are Monday to Friday: 6:30am – 10pm. Saturday: 8am – 6pm. Sunday: 8am – 7pm. Please note the swimming pool might be closed sometimes for special events and galas - please check their timetable for details.

Safety note: Students are advised to take a padlock to safely use a locker for their belongings while using the Centre. Wimbledon Leisure Centre will not be held responsible for lost or stolen property.

The Centre is housed in a striking redbrick Victorian building, dating back to 1901! It first opened as Wimbledon Swimming Baths but was transformed more recently into the modern fitness space as we know it today.

Some students go once a week and some every day. You can go before school, after classes in the afternoon or at the weekends. It is a great way to socialise with your friends or indeed make new friends. It is also an excellent way to unwind, de-stress, and of course keep fit!


'I went to the gym everyday'  'Super'  'It’s a good opportunity for students to spend their free time'   'Amazing gym'  'The gym has everything that you need'   'Very good perk'   'Great activity'  'Wonderful gym, quite big'   'Very comfortable service'

Please note: In using the Centre, the user accepts the rules & conditions of The Wimbledon Leisure Centre. The Wimbledon Leisure Centre and Milner School of English are not liable in any way when any equipment is not available for any reason. Information given here is correct at the time of printing and subject to change at any time. All students will need a Milner School student card and valid ticket to enter. Minimum age is 16. The Spa facilities are not included.