Students Under 18

Milner School of English welcomes students from the age of 16 and above.  We accept 16 and 17 year old students on our year round adult courses.

It is important to note that students under 18 will be attending a school with other adults and they will come into regular contact with other students over the age of 18, in class, in the school and during the social programme. Respect and understanding for all students and a positive attitude to learning is key to a successful outcome.

Students under 18 will not be supervised when they are not in class. Students and their parents are required to complete a parental consent form before starting a course, for further information see our Milner School of English Safeguarding Under 18s policy.  MSEW Safeguarding Under 18s Policy.pdf

In case of need, our out-of-hours telephone number is +44 7905 233565

Group Bookings:


Milner School reserves the right to accept students into international classes who may be 15 years of age. Under these circumstances an adult Group Leader accompanies the group.

Milner School also accepts groups of students who are 14/15 years of age in closed group classes. They are separated from the adult students in the school. These groups are accompanied by an adult Group Leader. For more information, please see GroupTours   

 You will see here the documents we send to parents/guardians on enrolment:

Under 18s welcome letter.pdf   

Under 18s parental consent form.pdf     

Under 18s Consent form no accommodation.pdf    

Junior letter.pdf