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Ryan (from China) August 2016

My name is Ryan. I have studied in Milner for 12 weeks. I appreciate that I can share my experience here for the upcoming students. I still remember that I came here the first week. My English speaking was very poor, and listening also. But here teachers are enthusiastic and patient. Please don't be shy and hide your talent if you want to improve your English. Even if you speak slowly or stuck. Those teachers put you right and open your mind to improve your speaking. Don't be nervous, just do it. Don't worry the grammars are wrong or right. Teachers will improve your confidence since your courses started. And please you guys, try to take part in the Social Programmes. Edward usually is in charge for this part, you should speak a lot with him. It would be better to improve your English. He is very patient, friendly and humorous; you feel relax to this chatting. Anyway, enjoy your time in Milner.  The more diligent, the luckier you are.



Jaebin (from South Korea) January 2016Jaebin.JPG

I definitely told you that Milner School is a wonderful place for learning English. I studied at Milner School for 10 months, it was my best period in my life. I just learned English in morning class and I met some nice teachers. I think they are very kind and have a passion for teaching. When I had a question, they explained until I understood. Are you afraid of English? Don't worry. I swear they are helping you for improving your English. And people who work reception are also kind. When you need a help, you should ask them. They will help you how to do. Furthermore I've made friends from many variety of countries. It's such a special experience because we came to different country and we talked to each other using English. Thank you for everything, I won't forget my London life.



Karina, Michele and Maria (from Brazil) January 2016Brazilian students.JPG

We enjoyed interaction with our teachers and classmates and we met people from many different countries. Milner teachers are great!  It was a unique experience, a life experience. We enjoyed studying in Wimbledon rather than the centre of London!




Giovanni (from Italy) 20th March 2015Giovanni (2).jpg

I want to thank you for your support and friendly environment.

I’m glad that I achieved such a knowledge of the English language.

Many thanks to the Milner school Staff.



Linda (from Italy) 20th June 2014181142_287_Linda.jpg

I would like to say a sincere thank you for everything to you!  During this seven months at Milner I grew up a lot, do you remember my first day at school?  I was a child!  And look at me now: with my Level 6 IELTS and the Advanced Certificate! Could you believe in such an impressive improvement from the beginning?  To be honest I couldn't. My teachers in the elementary school said to my parents "Linda can't learn English! Now and in the future, it is something in which she will never succeed!" Oh, trust me, I'm looking forward to showing them all my certificates.

From my point of view Milner school is a great place! I loved it, and as you know I'm very hard to please so if I said so it's because I really appreciate all the moments there. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly so people can study and "survive" there easily because it is a very comfortable environment. Of course, thanks to all of you - the teachers and people at the reception, who are collaborative and seem to get on well together. 

The fact that you are always ready to help everyone in every situation is fantastic. All the students are there alone, in a foreign country with a unknown language.  They are young, far from their families, friends and homes and you easily became our new family, our reference point!

A friend told me that a big special part of Milner School left with me on Friday.  I'm lucky because the experience will be always with me.  It's my belief that a bit of me is in all of you!

The Queen of the Social Programme shouldn't be forgotten (that's me!)  I especially enjoyed the BBC studios. It was something incredible. I'm proud of all my improvements and I'm ready to face every new experience now... more open-minded and mature.  Thanks for everything again to everybody!!!  And see you soon :)



 Elena (from Spain) 12th December 2013

Elena learned some interesting expressions from her teachers during her studies at Milner School!

"In a nutshell (thanks Rosita), I was a little bit lost when I arrived in London three months ago.  I discovered Milner School at random.  And I can say it's by far (thank you Penny) the best school of English I have ever seen.  There's always a solution for your questions (thanks Julia) or queries(thanks Amanda).  If I hadn't gone for a stroll along the Broadway I wouldn't have met you(thanks a lot Penny).  Really, here I feel at home, but it's time I flew the nest (thanks very much Rosita).  See you soon, I hope so!  Meanwhile I'll try to sell sea shells on the sea shore (thanks Zita).  Lovely! (thanks Micaela).


181106_262_Testimonial.jpgAntonio (from Brazil) 20th July 2013  

"When I decided to study English in England for four weeks, I looked for a good-value English school.  Then, as I had no references, I started checking the reports issued by the The Independent Schools Inspectorate, which is an agency approved by the British Home office to carry out inspections.  So, as the report about Milner said that it exceeds the expectations in teaching and learner's achievement, I went for Milner and didn't get disappointed.

As a result, I've got the score I wanted in the IELTS test. In addition, I've found a considerate staff and stayed with a host family who helped me with my English and lived near the school. In short, everything was as announced on the school's website.  In conclusion, I'm happy with my choice and don't hesitate to recommend Milner!"



Wakana (from Japan) 19th January 2013

I spent about 5months at Milner school which was fantastic memory to me.  Although I am very satisfied with every experiences at Milner school, there are 2 notable things which I really recommend for everybody.

Firstly, the quality of the class is really high. Over the period, I was studying in IELTS class. All teachers taught us devotedly and used wide variety of materials for IELTS.  To be honest, IELTS practice materials are very expensive and it is very difficult for students to study themselves, therefore, it was great help for me. They always tried to make us relaxed and laugh at the beginning of the class,  I have never been nervous during the course.  

Secondly, every students at Milner school can use sports centre for FREE which is about 3 minutes from school on foot. After the classes, I often go there and enjoy exercising. I used to use the gym and sometimes attend group classes such as yoga, steps and so on.  There is also a swimming pool there.  The facility is relatively new and clean, so it's quite reasonable activity for students!  On the whole, not only did I study English, I also enjoyed sports very much during that time. "


177159_213_Kiri.jpgKiri (from Japan) 8th May 2012. 

"I studied at Milner School for one year and a half.  It was the first time to live in a foreign country for me therefore there were a lot of difficulties.  However I was helped by kind staff and I could learn English effectively.  As well as learning English, I gained many friends from different countries.  They are priceless pleasures in my life.  In addition, the school offer free pronunciation class, free gym and so on.  So I could spend great time in different ways."



Alois (from Switzerland) 2nd November 2011. Alois has studied English at Milner 10 times, since 1994!


"I first came to Milner School in 1994, I remember meeting Julia, the principal.  I also came in 1995, 96, 97, 98, then 2003, 5, 7, 9 and 2011.  I always come at the same time of year – 4 weeks in October.  I have had some great teachers and the lessons are interesting & creative. English is useful for my wine business and I’ve made lots of friends with all nationalities.

I always stay in the same homestay! I have a big room with a TV & radio and the food is always good.  My host mum even came over to Switzerland for my 60th birthday in 1998.

I enjoy the Social Programme at Milner School. This time I joined the London Walk to Hampstead and Highgate, the Globe theatre tour, and the Courtauld Gallery. The Houses of Parliament was the trip I enjoyed the most when I was here another time. Then of course I hosted my wine tasting event again at Milner School which is a lot of fun and I can share my love of wine with the students in the school.

Milner is like a family – you feel like you are at home, the atmosphere is great, the school is an ideal size.  It’s not so big, everyone is very friendly – the teachers, staff and students. Also the location is convenient – you can get into the centre easily but you also have everything here in Wimbledon."


104129_156_Gulnur.jpgGulnur Ussembayeva (from Kazakhstan) 1st August 2011

"I learned a lot of things from the school,which i'll need it for my future.. i really miss the school & i won't forget it in my was such a great time to study in there...i'll save everythings from london in the corner of my heart..thank u very much!!!"




174144_153_Hyo_Ju.jpgHyo Ju Kang (from Korea) 24th June 2011

"I completely satisfied the course. Overall, it was a fantastic English learning experience, which fully met my expectation. The classes were consist of diverse level. I studied from pre-intermediate class, to intermediate B class. Each class was of higher standard. Teachers were also eminent. They controlled the pace of lesson very well. They supported not only the contents of textbook but also lots of useful materials and handouts, which used to be homework. Searching an article was especially helpful to improve my reading ability. Moreover, I was given a feasible deadline for writing homework, so I could study various part of English everyday. I could enjoy my class through the vocabulary game as well.

The English School had excellent facilities. Students could buy a snack at a corner and drink coffee on a lounge. In addition, they could make use of the gym associated with school, so they could work out before or after the school. Every Friday, there was a social activities, which students could experience English out of class. Although the quality of course was high, the tuition fee was really reasonable. I have a genuine sense of achievement after the course and I would definitely recommend it to others."